Spraying & Dipping Type Surface Pretreatment Lines

The first step in the powder coating process is to prepare or pretreat the parts. The product to be coated is exposed to cleaning and pretreatment operations to ensure that surfaces to be coated are clean and free of grease, dust, oils, rüşt and other contaminants. Chemical pretreatment normally takes pleace in series of spray chambers. Parts are first cleaned using alkaline, acidic or neutral cleaner. In many cases the part is surfaces treated with conversion coatingof iron or zinc phosphate or a transitional metal conversion coating such as a zirconium oxide product. Each stage is typically separated by a rinse stage to remove residual chemistry.

Spray systems enable pretreatment of a wide variety of part sizes and configurations; dip tanks may be used instead of spray for some applications.

As Ak Makine, we design and manufacture of complete pretreatment lines according to customers’ part sizes, production capacity, building layout and so on. Please contact to us for more information and to ask for an offer.