Powder Coating Application Booths


Powder booths are designed to safely contain the powder over-spray. Booth entrance and exit openings must be properly sized to allow clearence for the size range of parts being coated, and airflows through the booth must be sufficient to channel all over-spray to the recovery system but not so forceful that they disrupt powder deposition and retention on the part. 

We produce both manual and automatic powder application booths according to customer requirements. Powder coating application booths are the heart of the powder coating system. So, saving powder paint is depends on right design and calculation of the powder booths.

Manual powder booths are designed in order to paint both medium size parts such as metallic goods and too long parts, and suitable to change rapid color change. All parts of the booth are disassembled and can be mounted by screw and dismounted easily, if required. We produce manual booths in different sizes with cyclone or filter types depending to customer needs.




Automatic Powder Spraying Booths, which take very tight space and suitable for quick color change, have two types:  filter and monocyclone and they are usually used on the conveyor lines. Cyclone technology is popular in plants where several color changes per shift are reqired. Their material can be black steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel or PVC. Paint feeding is directly connected to the guns through a fine sieve under filter type booths and gaining back system beside cyclone type booths. For more information, please contact us.