Powder Curing And Drying Ovens


Thermoset powder materials require a certain amount of thermal energy applied for a certain time to produce the chemical reaction needed to crosslink the powder into a film. The powder material will melt when exposed to heat, flow into a level film and then begin to chemically crosslink before ultimately reaching full cure.


Convection oven use a heat source such as natural gas, diesel or electricity and fan to distribute and circulate air through a duct inside the oven. The heated air will in turn heat the part and then the coating. Convection ovens are the most common type of cure oven used for powder. As the part reaches peak temperature it will conduct heat into the coating and cause the powder cure.
Drying ovens are used to dry the material after surface pretreatment process.

Curing and drying ovens are designed as box type, tunnel type, U-Turn or multi-turn according to customers needs and layout.

Sandwich type oven panels are connected with each other with silicone, which has high heat resistant. Heat control is made with digital thermostat, which is regulated in the required temperature and working intervals. Also, automation is made for the exhaust ventilators, so that working and stopping duration can be regulated digitally, at the end of curing time horn alerts automatically. For this kind of ovens conveyor is designed in order to carry material into the oven, especially it is suitable for the heavy materials. Doors can be opened and closed manually and automatically collapsible system is optional. Our products are designed by our technical project team, produced by our technical production team and shipped after tested and checked fully. Standard box ovens are produced in following dimensions and can be produced in different constructions depending to special needs Standard Width: 1500 mm (internal net) Standard Heigth: 1700 mm (internal net) Standard Length: Between 2000 mm and 7000 mm (internal net)