Conveyor Systems

The selection of a conveyor for finishing system, whether liquid or powder coating, is based on the features and benefits of the conveyor type, the parts being finished and their process requirements, and relevant business goals.

The two types of automated overhead conveyors typically used are:


Power and Free conveyors

Power and Free conveyors take monorail to a new level by implementing a second rail, the powered rail, in which the trolleys ride. This allows them to be disengaged from the drive chain. This system adds a significant level of flexibility to any conveyor system.

* Monorail – a single chain running an entire line, providing little flexibility at a low initial investment.

* Power and Free – one or more drive chains combined with free rails allowing for switches, spurs, and stops, providing  more flexibility at a higher investment than monorail.

Monorail conveyors

Overhead monorail conveyors have load-carrying and drive functions combined in one element – the endless chain. This chain is guided by a rail system based on either an I-beam or an enclosed track. This conveyor can follow only one path; deviations are not possible. This system is simple and efficient, but not flexible. Monorail conveyors are simple, cheap, and easy to install. They are efficient and cost-effective for plants that will be painting a single type of a part, with the same processes, and have no need to vary the process for multiple types of product.