Automotive Paint Booths

oto-boya-firini2Ak Makine paint booths are manufactured to highest quality standards using the latest technology. This results in a precision made and affordable paint booth. Our paint booths are designed to fit any painting requirements, whether you are a high production shop, doing custom restorations, painting semis or small parts or even motorcycles.

We have heated models, curing models and also offer fire suppression systems.

From automotive booths to prep stations, all of our booths provide a safe and healthy work environment for you and your employees. Regardless of the type of paint booth you are interested in, all of our booths meet standards.

Give us a call, we can customize to fit your needs.


  • The side walls are produced from 0.7 mm galvanized steel tin plate which is painted with electro static powder paint. These walls are isolated by rock wools between the panels.
  • The out sides of panels are painted with electrostatic powder paint for good appearance and long lasting usage.
  • The ceiling is made by special isolated panel sheets.
  • The metal basement (base) is produced by steel constructions that enable to assembly the whole construction on a concrete basement.
  • A service door is available that can be used as emergency exit with a window .
  • On the booth, there are a command panel and electric panel. These panels have the automatic control systems from the PLC that detect any error at fans or fan engine and can specify which one of the fan or fan motor breaks down.
  • There is a hanger system that enables to paint small parts in the booth besides to automobile.
  • The lighting system in the booths is designed to take the best solutions in painting. The light is divided equally to all parts of the booth by the reflectors, which are installed as angular.
  • The electronic ballast which are used for lighting enable to save from energy and make the fluorescent more durable.


  • The air preparation unit is a circulation system which gives the filtered fresh air into the booth and throw out the used air in painting operation, then heats the air up to 60 ºC and mixes the used air with %10 fresh air (by automatic multi-damper system) and heats the air again before giving into the booth. 

  • A burner and exchanger heat the air, which are produced from AISI309 quality stainless steel. This operation happens in fresh air unit. The air is thrown to the booth after two times filtration (by front and ceiling filters) in painting time.


  • The unclean air is filtered again two times (by floor and exhaust filters) before exiting the exhaust unit. So that our booths are approved as the environmentalist booths by official Turkish organisation.


  • The units are isolated like sidewalls so as to prevent heat loss. The units are protected against probable vibrations and noise by rubber seals on covers.


  • A damper at air exiting channel controls the exiting air. By the way, this damper can be used to control the inner pressure of the booth.


They are the panels, which provide the functions of machines and devices, which are included in offer and to command and control the operations of them. Electric panel is produced by galvanized sheet and steel profiles, which are durable to any stroke and totally closed to prevent dust and humidity.


1.3.1 Electric Equipment’s and Electric Panel:

  • The electric panel has the contact breakers, fuses, signal lambs, thermic relays, contactors and connectors, which are necessary for electric panel, engines and electrical devices.
  • The command and control connection, from electric panels to motors and other electrical devices, are made of heat resisting cables.
  • Electric lines are placed to enable you to change the place of booth, considering that you may change your facility’s place.
  • The working devices, which are ready to operate use 380 V.50 Hz. and control devices, which are ready to operate, use 220 volt.

1.3.2 Electricity Supplies and Panel:

  • The booth’s working time can be observed on the electronic command panel. So that maintenance periods can be easily controlled.
  • The different heat and time values in painting flash off, meantime drying and drying positions can be easily set to the necessary values on the electronic command panel’s digital screen.
  • The drying time can be observed and changed by the user with the help of heating set thermostat and time relay.